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Founded in 2015 to support our 65+ year legacy, The Wong-Welch Organization, LLC is working to preserve our history in Barrio Viejo in Tucson, AZ by restoring buildings located on S Meyer Ave and W Kennedy St. Through its restoration efforts, the organization is working to bring life back to the buildings of the Wong Family


Always working hard to preserve the Barrio’s unique character, the Organization owns property on S. Meyer Ave and W. Kennedy St.


S Meyer Ave

Purchased in 1961 as an additional property for the expanding Wong family, this building was the primary resident for the Wong family and housed their family-owned grocery store, Lucky’s Market.

488 – 498

S Meyer Ave

Acquired with 486 S Meyer, this building is comprised of multiple apartments that provided homes for Barrio residents.

477/157 & 159

S Meyer Ave / W Kennedy St

Purchased in 1951 by Wong Fung and Lee Tew Wah, his wife, as a means to start their American dream, this building was a grocery store and later on a snooker hall and apartments.  This building sits on the Northwest corner of W Kennedy St and S Meyer Ave.


Robert Welch

Proud to be involved.

Watch Dog
Loyal, loving, and protective
Jenny Wong-Welch

STEM Librarian at SDSU

The Light at buildIT@SDSU

Daughter of Rose Wong-Welch

Bill Wong
Member, Uncle Bill

Second oldest son of Tew Wah Lee Wong and Poy Nom Wong

Ian Wong-Welch

Firefighter Paramedic

Son of Rose Wong-Welch

Our Family's Roots

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